W4CQ is proud to welcome the Carolina Storm Spotters.

CSS will conduct a monthly net at 8pm on the first Friday of the month.

They will also take over the 444.450 repeater during severe weather.

Many of you know John WX4CSS (President) and David AK4FD (Vice-President) from rag-chew on the 450.

John and David have a huge network of spotters across many online platforms, and a great deal of knowledge and enthusiasm.

If you would like to know more about the Carolina Storm Spotters, you can learn more about them at…

Facebook Messenger Chat room: CSS Messenger Chat (https://m.me/j/AbZFw7l7uv7fLUTW/) (Must be a FB Group member to join)
Zello walkie-talkie app real-time chat: CSS Zello Channel (http://zello.me/k/gJq3X) (We use to talk during live storm chases)
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W4CQ Trader Net

W4CQ Trader Net

From 7:30pm until 8:30pm

At W4CQ Repeater 444.450mhz +5 / 82.5 tone

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Carolina Storm Spotter Net

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Rock Hill Hamfest (YCARS)

From 8:00am until 2:00pm

At Covenant Presbyterian Church

1830 Celanese RD Rock Hill, SC

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