What can be sold over the radio?

There is often debate to the interpretation of Part 97 in its application to trader-nets.

This page serves as CARC’s interpretation of FCC § 97.113(a)(3)(ii) based on definitions outlined in § 97.3(a)(5).

“An amateur operator may notify other amateur operators of the availability for sale or trade of apparatus normally used in an amateur station, provided that such activity is not conducted on a regular basis.”

In layman’s terms:

Who can sell over the air and How to go about it?

If you have a valid callsign, you may list amateur station* gear for sale, provided it is not your normal business.

You can offer it at a price, and another amateur can accept or respond as interested, however, any further negotiating must be done off air.

What can be sold over the air?

Amateur station gear is, “Apparatus necessary for carrying on radio communications”  or in other words, a necessary part of the transmitting station itself.

A simple test to decide if  apparatus you are selling is necessary for carrying on radio communications would be to ask yourself…

If I were in QSO and this apparatus failed, could I carry on the QSO?

Furthermore, this must be gear for amateur radio, and not frequencies outside of the band plan defined here.

CARC considers computers/tablets/phones/Etc, that can be used directly in an Amateur Station, i.e. FT8, APRS, VARA, WSPR, ETC, acceptable under part 97

Ham Related items that are not used in a transmitting station are prohibited. Examples would be World Clocks, Desks, Computer Peripherals, Logbooks/Programming Software, Tools, etc.

There will be a place to list these items for sale on the website soon, but never over the air!




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