The Charlotte Amateur Radio Club 2019 Membership Roster

Below is the current membership list for the Charlotte Amateur Radio Club.

If you see an omission or error, please  let us know and we will check our records to resolve the problem.

Our membership year runs from January 1 through December 31.

Dues need to be paid as soon as possible after January 1.

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Roster last revised 06/23/2021 by Shawn Goodin, K4RSG

Alphabetic by last name


W4CQ Charlotte Amateur Radio Club Member List
Last Name First Name Callsign
Alpart Stuart N1STU
Bell Richard WA4BNO
Black, Jr Harry KO4IAB
Blythe Jeff KA4WYC
Brown Rachel KC4RMB
Brown Ryan N4REB
Brown Seth KC4SAB
Brown Shelia KN4IRZ
Burke Michael N8LVR
Cantley David WD4DDC
Christian Gary W4GDC
Clemmer, Jr Fred W4FAC
Cole Lib
Coviello, Jr David AK4FD
Crisco Becky KA4BEC
Crisco Jim WA4YIZ
Ducar Joe KJ4QFV
Elder Donald KC5VD
Elder Lorraine N5DNC
Escott Everett “Buck” WB4OTP
Eury Wilford N4MD
Farrell Terry AC4HP
Fellows Merrilee WA1FHK
Flemings Ronnie KW4RD
Fowler Marge K14JCK
Garren Tim K6FNV
Gendron John NJ4Z
Goins Dwayne KG4FSR
Goins Sheila KM4OXW
Gomez Gayle W9GCG
Gomez Lloyd W9LEG
Goodin Shawn K4RSG
Graham, Jr Hubert KO4IAC
Haas David KK4OEW
Hackett Shawn KO4FLC
Hampton, Jr Danny K4ITL
Hancock Jerry WE4JTH
Hathaway Barbara KG4NOW
Hildebrand Larry KN4LWG
Hill Randy KA4WIM
Hill Sam W4CEI
Howard Larry W4LDD
Huffman Kyle KO4DZK
Johnson Paula KG4JVE
Kline Nate W4NDK
Koone Stephen KA4YMY
Laval Diane KF5JJW
Lowery Justin KN4WJY
Malone Daniel KN4LYS
Marcelli Dave N4CQ
Matthews Milton “Randy” KE4JXF
McGinnis, Jr Pete KG4PCR
McKee Tim WN9Z
Meeler David KO4GBK
Miranda Mike W4DXL
Monk Michael KK4ITS
Nosko Steve W4SJN
Nosko Susan N4PSN
Odell Bradley KK1LL
Owens William L. KN4PXY
Parker Brian KC9GDX
Patterson Mike KG4PDA
Ponak Paul AD4IE
Prentice Ed K4EGP
Rossi Jay KO4WPT
Shank Leslie N4AGE
Shere David KN4SON
Sipe Cory KN4TYF
Skorlinski Chris KM4ISI
Slay Tim N4IB
Spangler Justin
Turner Bill W4WNT
Walesby Phil KI4PHR
Ware Wray WR4AY
Wentzel Keith Dave KD4ITI
Williams Charles “Ted” KE6QEY
Yoder Phil W4PDY
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