The Charlotte Amateur Radio Club - W4CQ is a general interest radio club serving the Charlotte, NC area. We generally meet on the first Saturday of every month at 10:00 AM at the Salvation Army Divisional headquarters, our served agency. We're located at 501 Archdale Drive in Charlotte, NC. 28217, near I-77 Exit 4 (Nations Ford Road).

Check our Calendar of Events for changes and additions to the meeting schedules.

Feel free to come by and meet the members. We have a working club station on site with active HF, VHF and UHF equipment. This is a secured facility, please arrive no later than 9:35 AM to assure access.

My son, K1FFF,  was able to send a photo from my IC-9700 to my ID-51 thru the W4WBT repeater.

We were both approximately 11 miles from 2wF and about a mile apart.

I believe the interference at the bottom was caused by someone else sending analog into the repeater.

I plan to remedy this by disabling analog FM and locking the repeater to Digital operation only.

This opens the possibility of some directed nets where we can trade pics.

Everyone on the repeater can get the picture at the same time, but only one station could send.



The next major purchase for the club will be a pair of Crescend 100w amplifiers.

The cost will be approximately $4500.00.

It is our intention to find corporate sponsorship for these devices, as membership has already given enough towards the repeater upgrades.

We are looking for an “IN” with a potential donor with whom you have an association.

If you know of a sympathetic contact at company in or around Charlotte who donates to 501(c)(3) originations, please contact Lou HERE.

CARC would love to provide a customized solicitation letter to anyone wanting to deliver it, and would otherwise appreciate good leads we can follow.


Donations for the 2WF project can be made HERE.

Thanks to the support of our membership, and KW4RD’s appetite for chicken minis, the antennas have been ordered.

We have started our  3-6 week wait for the custom-built antennas to arrive.

Fellow Operators!

I wanted to share the “Knife Antenna” I designed a few years ago with the club.

I also wanted to gauge the interest in having an “antenna building class” where I could help members build their own Knife Antenna.

Here are some videos of my Knife Antenna in action with the IC-705 @5w today.

20m KK1LL Knife-Antenna

Adjust antenna to 17m

5w 5/8 Contact to Spain 15m

Adjusted to 12m

Adjusted to 10m

There are detailed directions of how to build my Knife Antenna and links to where to buy the materials on my QRZ page. (About 3/4 way down)

There are also more videos showing the Knife Antenna and its setup in more detail at the link here.

If you are interested in a “Knife Antenna Class” email me here.

  • Today we got a lot accomplished.  We said goodbye to equipment that has served the club well. R.I.P  the 70cm Motorola M5000 and the 2m G.E. MSTR II repeater and cabinet. It has all been hauled back to the clubhouse.


  • KK1LL and his brother, Jeremy, removed the old 800mhz antenna and mounted Patrick’s (KE4HHA) base antenna in its place.

  • Mike W4DXL, Tom KT4TAC and Brad KK1LL then installed the new infrastructure for the new repeaters and network gear.

More updates to come!

If you would like to help support this project, or expedite the addition of amplifiers, donate HERE


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Monthly Club Meeting

Monthly Club Meeting

From 10:00am until 12:00pm

At W4CQ Radio Room @ Salvation Army Community Services Bldg.

501 Archdale Dr Charlotte NC 28217

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License Testing

From 11:00am until 3:00pm

At Must Make Reservation!

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W4CQ Trader Net

W4CQ Trader Net

From 7:30pm until 8:30pm

At W4CQ Repeater 444.450mhz +5 / 82.5 tone

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