The Charlotte Amateur Radio Club - W4CQ is a general interest radio club serving the Charlotte, NC area. We generally meet on the first Saturday of every month at 10:00 AM at the Salvation Army Divisional headquarters, our served agency. We're located at 501 Archdale Drive in Charlotte, NC. 28217, near I-77 Exit 4 (Nations Ford Road).

Check our Calendar of Events for changes and additions to the meeting schedules.

Feel free to come by and meet the members. We have a working club station on site with active HF, VHF and UHF equipment. This is a secured facility, please arrive no later than 9:35 AM to assure access.

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The W4WBT ICOM D-Star repeater is up and running and the Yaesu WB4ETF Fusion repeater is up and running.

We are running 25w, Mixed Mode on the ICOM, using an antenna borrowed from Patrick KE4HHA, and our re-tuned original duplexer.

The Yaesu is currently DIGITAL ONLY.

The CARC would like to thank Scott KC4IRA and Mike K4NCU for their incredible effort in tuning our duplexers in time to be installed today!

I thought I took a pic of the 70cm system on the analyzer but I did not. I did, however, get a shot of the 2m system. Scott did an amazing job!



Signal reports for this Sunday are good, however, we expect for a performance degradation during the week, when all of the other radio traffic on the roof picks up. To offset the strong signals in our proximity, the club will now make our next purchase a pair of 1mhz bandpass filters for the repeaters’ input frequencies. We expect them to be about $1000 for the pair.  I feel the club should be able to fund these with what has been raised so far, but that is for Buck to decide.

The new antennas are paid for and scheduled to ship by the end of this month.  This should allow us to just beat the winter weather.

The Amplifier fund is on the way, however we must upgrade our duplexers if we want to run more power.

We should expect just shy of $4000 in total for both duplexers.

All of the network is in place to have cable internet as soon as the Club Officers can secure a cable modem.


Equipment Procured So far.

D-Star repeater $1600 W4CQ KE4QEY

D-Star PC $250 N4LMM

Yaesu Repeater $900 KT4TAC

Rack $500 KT4TAC

Network Switching and Routers $600 KT4TAC

Fusion PC $350 KT4TAC

IP-Remote PDU $500 KT4TAC

50a Power Supply $460 KT4TAC

Cables and ends $400 KT4TAC

Cables and ends $200 W4SWT

Multi floor Cat6 Run $250 KK1LL

Misc hardware $50 N4CPW KK1LL

Antennas $1200 W4CQ via KW4RD

Remaining to Buy ($9200 )

Filters $1000

Duplexers $3500

Amplifiers $4700

TOTAL for Project $15760

Project estimate from beginning $16000!

Tax-Deductable donation links for funding this project can be found HERE.


Operators who have heard the abuse of, or been abused by, “The Monkey Man” aka KQ4GAD on our/any repeater systems are asked to be witnesses for the club.

We are set for Monday, Nov. 6 2023 at 9:00am.

I have secured a free, private parking lot for those who reach out to me by EMAIL

If you cant make it, but are a witness, please EMAIL me, otherwise we will meet at the lot by 8:30 and walk over together.

If you have recordings, please EMAIL them to me. If they are sorted and identified for content, all the better!

Thank-you to all the Rangers who have made this possible and extra special thanks to those who will show up to see it through.




Pota on the Knife Antenna (related article)

High Rez Images For Constructing Knife Antenna

**Feedline and radials are 9′!  All other dimensions are in photos!**


The SILICONE wire I use

The Connectors I use

The Feedline I use (Cut this in half and make 2 knife antennas)

Knife Antenna Videos

Video 1 (Unpack)

Video 2 (Throw)

Video 3 (Assemble)

Video 4 (Assembly Explination)

Video 5 (Operation Explination) <——- Start here if you have no patience (Like me).

Video 6 (Operation Example)

France 5w

80M Knife Antenna

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

The CARC membership voted unanimously today, bestowing an honorary, lifetime club membership to Ronnie KW4RD Flemmings. (AKA The Voice of the Carolinas)

Ronnie has been a pillar of the W4CQ radio repeater and the community it serves for many years. Countless hams will recall Ronnie as their first contact for two reasons. 1. Because he is always on the darn repeater, and 2. because he is absolutely unforgettable. Ronnie has never met a stranger and will talk to anyone as though they are family*. (“Hamily” as he calls it) 

Ronnie was a CB operator for about 35 years before becoming a HAM. It was the help of family and his friend, Tony (N4ATJ) that made it possible to get his Extra Class Ticket.  Before becoming KW4RD, Ronnie made his first contact with Oscar (W4OXH) as KM4LOH. Oscar, who knew Ronnie from CB, jokingly asked him “What took you so long?” (35 years) Ronnie’s antics with Oscar, who is also visually impaired, began immediately and continued for many years.

Most recently, Ronnie has been a driving force in the rejuvenation of the CARC, and is responsible for a great number of Hams joining the club. His epic pledge-driven-performance at Chick Fil A, eating 28 chicken minis in an hour, raised funds to secure two new antennas for the 2WF repeaters.

It is with great gratitude that CARC recognizes Ronnie KW4RD Flemings as a lifetime member and as our ambassador of good will World Wide!

After a very successful Sunday. We have one out of two repeaters up for testing. We still have more to do. Antenna’s have been ordered. We still need to raise more funds to order the amplifiers for both repeaters. Here are some before and after pics. 73 KT4TAC


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Monthly Club Meeting

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W4CQ Trader Net

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