W4CQ recently received this wonderful email. There is a link to a great article about the history of car radio.

My name is Stacey Martin and on behalf of the Lyndhurst Stem Club for Girls, I wanted to let the  Charlotte Amateur Radio Club know the radio history information on your web page was a big help to our club!  For the month of September, our club is exploring the history of innovations in science and technology with a ‘famous inventors and inventions’ lesson. The girls are currently learning about the history of the radio, including amateur radio, and how it impacted society. Your webpage led us to some great information on early radio to incorporate into our lessons, so the girls requested I reach out and let you know 🙂

As a thank you, I wanted to pass along this reading on the ‘history of the car radio’ my student Nicole found. Not only does it have a nice timeline of radio and audio systems throughout the years, but the additional reading on early radio and broadcasting was neat! This is it – www.titlemax.com/articles/the-history-of-the-car-radio/

Nicole was very excited to share it with you! She thought it would make a wonderful addition. Will you let me know if you’re able to include it for her? I know Nicole would be delighted to see she could help! Thank you again!

Talk to you soon,
Mrs. Martin 

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