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Ronnie ate 28 Chicken Minis for those looking to settle up!

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Ronnie Flemings, KW4RD, will square off against an unlimited supply of Chick-Fil-A’s “Chicken Minis” breakfast sandwiches, in an effort to secure new antennas for the CARC repeaters atop of Two Wells Fargo. (WB4ETF 147.060 and W4WBT 444.675)

The event will occur Saturday, September 16 at 9:00am. The venue will be the Belmont Chick-Fil-A at 801 Park St BelmontNC 28012 with a corresponding net on the W4CQ 444.450 repeater.

The following operators have pledged $1 per “Chicken Mini” that Ronnie can eat within an 1 hour window.

  1. WJ1O (Additional pledge of $2/per mini over 30)
  2. WE4BAD
  3. KK1LL (Additional pledge of $2/per mini over 30)
  4. WX4CSS
  5. N4LMM
  6. AA4II
  7. N3PMN
  8. K4JIP
  9. KO4BTN
  10. KO4DQO
  11. KY4YQ
  12. AB8HY
  13. N4CPW (Additional pledge of $3/per mini over 30)
  14. Cathrine (CPW-XYL) (Additional pledge of $3/per mini over 30)
  15. WA2HQL
  16. KZ4DAN
  17. KO4VDK
  18. KN4EHZ
  19. KQ4IMT
  20. W4SLL
  21. KG5WRP $2/Mini
  22. KG4NBO
  23. KQ4HVZ $2/Mini
  24. KO4WLG $2/Mini
  25. AJ4NR
  26. KB4QXN $2/Mini
  27. KO4UVV $4/Mini up to 30 then -$10/Mini thereafter. (30=$120 / 42=$0)
  28. KJ4JIP
  29. N4NHT

Current Pledge Levels dictate Ronnie must eat 35 chicken minis to pay for the antennas. (Approx 2.5LB)

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