W4CQ requires operators to register a Cross-Band-Repeat-System before linking it to our repeaters.

This is as simple as sending an email to HERE listing the following…

1. The input frequency and tone on your repeating radio.
It is imperative that a clear and appropriate frequency is chosen to avoid forwarding interference into our repeater.
The chosen frequency must be coupled with a Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System (CTCSS) tone or sub-audible tone. Without this “tone”, your repeater will transmit whatever RF that breaks its squelch into our repeater. This is the #1 mistake made resulting in unwelcome interference.

2. A short description of your station.
Please include the radio model(s), antenna type and location. If this is a fixed station, provide the QTH and approximate range. Mobile crossbanding stations should indicate a QTH when establishing a link to the repeater. Also indicate if this system is used on demand or always available.

3. Valid contact information.
W4CQ requires a valid phone number and monitored email so we can reach you in the event of a problem.
Your email will be added to a list allowing W4CQ to notify all “crossbanders” simultaneously if interference arises. This streamlines the process of finding and correcting the offending station.

Once registered, each Cross-Band-Repeat-System will be assigned a call-sign-suffix to use while crossbanding. For example if KK1LL would be KK1LL/X12 while crossbanding, indicating that, W4CQ-approved, Cross-Band-Repeater #12 is online and in use.


W4CQ will work with registered systems to resolve accidental QRM, but will track and report QRM from unregistered stations to the FCC.

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