Brad O'Dell

CARC would like to thank Matt and John from Fleettalk for building, tuning and installing bandpass filters for the W4WBT and W4ETF repeaters at 2WF today.

These filters are designed to notch out the neighboring DMR systems that were deafening our receivers. Below you will find photos and videos of Matt and John trying to teach me something about radio.




Before Bandpass

After Bandpass


The Charlotte Amateurs’ Radio Club would like to extend its most sincere gratitude to our newest applicant, and angel donor, John Meikrantz of Waxhaw, NC. (KB4TBD)

John has graciously pledged five thousand dollars to CARC which will fund the purchase of the two Crescend amplifiers for the 2WF Digital Repeater Project.

The addition of these amplifiers will give W4WBT and WB4ETF the RF output needed to extend CARC’s digital footprint in a way complementary to the W4CQ repeater’s analog footprint.

The order for the amplifiers could be placed as soon as next week depending on timing.

Make sure to pat John on the back when you hear him on the air, or see him at the club! 



Today the 2WF team installed the new 2m antenna for the WB4ETF repeater.

Signal reports have been very good so far.

Additionally, KO4VDK set up a webSDR to remotely monitor and decode all RF traffic that reaches 2WF. This will be an integral part of the Reverse Ranger Program, with additional direction finding capabilities to follow.

The 2WF team will return this Sunday with the installation of the WB4ETF 2m antenna as its primary goal.

The 2WF will then return next Sunday, focusing on the install and tuning of filters, aimed at combating RF interference from neighboring DMR systems.

The team will not return to 2WF until the arrival of the cable modem,  replacement antenna, or the amplifiers that we are poised to order once pledged funding arrives.

We may or may not be able to immediately use the Amplifiers depending on the funding and arrival of new duplexers and filters, or the ability of our current equipment to handle the increased power without desense.


The 2WF project took a setback yesterday when the 70cm antenna arrived damaged.

The 2m antenna was packages separately and seems to be fine.

I cant imagine anything other than a forklift generating the kind of force it would take to snap that antenna thru the tube.

Hustler has been made aware, and the replacement is in the works.

Lets hope for better luck the next time.


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