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Kevin (KO4VDK) has developed the first, low-cost, stand-alone, listening node for the Reverse Ranger program.

This will be one of many listening nodes throughout the footprint of the CARC radio repeaters.

The nodes will listen to the input frequencies of CARC repeaters and upload geocoded, timestamped, recordings to a collective (online) repository.

This data will enable the Reverse Ranger program to identify the general location of any transmission into the CARC repeater systems.

Final testing should begin later this week, with plans of future units being made available to Rangers at a very low cost.

For more information about becoming a Reverse Ranger or reporting QRM, send inquiries here.

Glue three FT -240-52 toroids together using cut paper bag as a spacer.

The layer of fiber will facilitate a good bond that can be separated with a razor if needed.

As a general rule, a single FT-240 can handle a transmitter capable of 200w, a pair is good for 500w, and three will handle 1500w with reasonable headroom.

True power handling will be determined by the impedance mismatch per frequency.

I managed 7 turns (one crossed thru center) using #10 THHN bifilar.

I like to add an additional strand of wire for lashing my solder joints.

This gives a strong “rebar” type mechanical bond in addition to the solder.

#10 Ring terminals are crimped, soldered, and shrink wrapped.

The negative terminal is also heat shrink wrapped.

I use closed cell foam as a pad under the toroids.

I screw down the negative terminal to the SO-239, then I use the long strand to lash the positive terminal to the center of the SO-239.

I flow solder through the lashings to make a solid connection between the two.

Closed cell foam fits snugly over the top of the transformer, and the watertight lid holds it all in place.

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