I wanted to let the club know what we hope to eliminate at 2WF by installing custom bandpass filters.

Below are 2 videos of what I am guessing to be a paging system that is located on or near 2WF.

The signal is not regular in timing but does occur throughout the day.

When the signal occurs, it causes the W4WBT repeater to go deaf. The symptom is either complete or pulsing silence during an analog transmission, or the repeater not responding at all in digital.

There is a project underway, headed by KO4VDK, adding an SDR to 2WF that can pinpoint the offending frequency, and possibly decode it.

NI4JM from FleetTalk had lent us a hand by converting 2 pairs of old duplexer cavities into bandpass filters for the WB4ETF and W4WBT repeaters.

We hope that these will improve our performance while raising money and waiting for the new duplexers and filters we are still trying to secure.

It is our intention to add these filters within the next two weeks depending on NI4JM’s availability.

Included below the interference videos are photos of the filters and their measured performance on the scope.

As usual, if you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to expedite the completion this project, you can do so HERE.






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