The Charlotte Amateur Radio Club
2015 Membership Roster

Below is the current membership list for the Charlotte Amateur Radio Club.
If you see an omission or error, please  let us know and we will check 
our records to resolve the problem.
Our membership year runs from January 1 through December 31.
 Dues need to be paid as soon as possible after January 1. 
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Roster last revised 1/06/2016

Alphabetic by last name

W4CQ Charlotte Amateur Radio Club Official Member List
Last Name First Name Callsign Membership
Alpart Stuart N1STU Lifetime
Ashworth Jim W4ANH Current
Bell Richard WA4BNO Charter
Blythe Jeff KA4WYC Current
Cantley David WD4DDC Current
Christian Gary W4GDC Lifetime
Cole Bob KD4IIN Current
Cole Lib KJ4EDG Current
Covington John W4CC Lifetime
Crisco Becky KA4BEC Current
Crisco Jim WA4YIZ Current
Culpan Harry KM4DDN Current
Ducar Joe KJ4QFV Lifetime
Eury Wilford N4MD Current
Farrell Ann WS4LLY Current
Fellows Merrilee WA1FHK Current
Fowler Marge KI4JCK Lifetime
Goins Dwayne KG4FSR Lifetime
Goodin Shawn K4RSG Current
Grenga Kel N4KEL Current
Haas David KK4OEW Current
Harper Jim WD4LGN Current
Henderson Jerry W1JER Lifetime
Hill Randy KA4WIM Current
Hill Sam W4CEI Current
Howard Larry W4LDD Current
Hussey Steve KI4LON Current
Johnson Mack W4ZFD Current
Johnson Paula KG4JVE Current
Johnson Roscoe KI4WCM Current
Jones Paul K4VCF Current
Laval Diane KF5JJW Current
Lee George W4GYL Current
Lewis Anthony KE4VVF Lifetime
Marcelli Dave N4CQ Current
McDermott John KK4LZN Current
Miranda Mike W4DXL Current
Moore Herman KK4RZP Current
Newman Norene Lifetime
Nosko Steve W4SJN Current
Nosko Susan N4PSN Current
Patterson Mike KG4PDA Current
Perry Howard W4HTP Current
Phelan Patrick W4DXP Current
Richarz Bill N4DH Current
Rowland Jodie KI4CXO Current
Savoia Enrico "Rick" KK4QNV Current
Savoia Tommy KK4QNM Current
Shope Wayne K4ANL Charter
Slay Tim N4IB Current
Smith Ed WX4ES Current
Tiracave Christian KM4HBT Current
Wentz Michael KE4EHC Current
Wentzel Keith Dave KD4ITI Current
White John WB2NHQ Current
Willer James W2LLR Current
Williams Charles "Ted" KE6QEY Current